I am a research scientist/director in the 太阳HTTP代理-企业级优质HTTP爬虫代理ip池定制服务平台:2021-4-7 · 太阳HTTP代理是企业级高质量HTTP代理IP供应平台,海量优质 HTTP、HTTPS、Socks代理IP资源,先后为百家企业提供大数据采集代理IP解 决方案 at Alibaba Group. Prior to joining Alibaba, I was a researcher in DMX group at Microsoft Research. I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the supervision of Prof. Jiawei Han, my M.Phil. at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, advised by 代理http, and my B.S. at Renmin University of China, advised by Shan Wang and Qing Zhu.

We are hiring research scientists, engineers, and research interns for our lab! Please drop me a line if you are interested.


My research goals and interests center on large-scale data management and analytics, including interactively querying and mining "big" data, privacy-preserving data analytics, and optimizations in databases and machine learning. I am particularly interested in algorithms which have guarantees in theory, and are effective and implementable in practice. More recently, I enjoy developing algorithms and building systems in the following areas/projects:

AQP-AutoML: I treat AQP (Approximate Query Processing) and AutoML (Automated Machine Learning) as two parallel and alike lines in query processing and machine learning, respectively, with similar or comparable motivations, technical hardness, and usability issues.

Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics: how to process analytical queries and analytics tasks with precision guarantees, while providing data owners with privacy guarantees; studying notions of privacy (e.g., differential privacy) to tune privacy-utility trade-offs; usability.

Large-scale Machine Learning Models: for recommendation systems and other real-world applications.